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Monday 8 April 2024

New Regency History website coming soon

We're launching a new version of this website in the spring of 2024.

That's why we've not added much new material this year.

Watch out for new site coming soon.

It will include much of the content from this site - and more besides!

Wednesday 13 March 2024

A Single Obsession - a faith-based Regency romance

Front cover of A Single Obsession showing a lady in a red Regency riding outfit with a horsewith themes in the book
He must wed to keep his dream alive—her dream will die if he doesn’t choose her

Lord Beaumont has only one love in his life—horses. Constantly upbraided by his overbearing mother, Beau’s desperate to break free from her control and prove himself by breeding a winning racehorse.

Eliza Merry has secretly loved the reckless Viscount ever since she was a girl. Forced to restrain her unruly behaviour to attend the London season, the timid, tongue-tied lady she becomes is nothing like the lively girl she is inside.

Compelled to seek a wife to realise his inheritance, to pay for his horses and keep his dream alive, Beau is drawn to the adoring Eliza, who sees in him a kindred spirit. She believes he’s the one man who can make her happy and accept her as she really is.

As love blossoms between them, it seems as if they’ll both get what they want—but Beau has a secret that threatens to shatter Eliza’s faith in him. And secrets have a nasty habit of coming out at the most inconvenient times…

Set in London and Hampshire in 1811, this novel by the co-author of the popular Regency History blog is rich in historical detail and includes a glossary and historical notes.


This is a clean and wholesome, faith-based romance, with witty dialogue, a Georgette Heyer-inspired plot, a heroine who masquerades as a man, and a cameo appearance of Jane Austen.

The third book in The Merry Romances series, it can also be read as a standalone romance with its own happily ever after. 

Available on Amazon in Kindle ebook and paperback. Buy A Single Obsession now.

Friday 1 December 2023

A Regency Christmas romance full of hope


A heartbroken widower. A downtrodden companion. 

Their instant attraction offers hope for the future—if their secrets don’t destroy them first.

Estate manager Peter Crowley has abandoned hope of ever loving again. No woman has touched his heart since the death of his wife.

Now his life is centred on the beloved daughter he’s been forced to send away to school.

Meg Harding knows nothing of love. The sole companion of a cantankerous old lady, she smiles in the face of adversity, but dreams of a better life.

Thrown into conversation on the coach to Weymouth, Peter and Meg are drawn to each other by a shared sense of humour.

The downtrodden Meg revels in Peter’s kindness—and he yearns to rescue her.

Six months later they meet again. Both their situations have changed—and not all for the better.

As they share the joy of the Christmas season, their love is given a chance to flourish. But all is not as it seems. Secrets from their past cast shadows over their future and threaten to destroy them…

Set in 1810 in the seaside town of Weymouth, Dorset, this novella is rich in historical detail and includes a glossary and historical notes.

An introduction to the Women of Weymouth series, this is a clean and wholesome, faith-based, standalone romance with witty dialogue and its own happily ever after. 

Available in Kindle ebook and paperback versions Get Miss Harding's Hope here.

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