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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Short videos filmed at Georgian locations

Here's a list of some short videos on a Georgian theme.

Instagram (between 6 and 15 seconds long)

The room in Cotehele, Cornwall, where George III and Queen Charlotte took breakfast in 1789. Did they sit on the embroidered cushions?

(Rachel says: Sadly, no. The royals sat on separate chairs which  later had to be removed as they were getting damaged from too many people sitting on them!) Click to view the video.

Read about Cotehele here.

The Old Drawing Room, Cotehele
The Old Drawing Room, Cotehele
A bedroom in Saltram House, Devon, decorated in eighteenth century Chinese wallpaper. Click to view the video.

Vine (a fleeting six seconds long)

Saltram House, Devon 

Saltram House
The frontage of Saltram House

Chinese wallpaper

The dining room

Read about Saltram here.

Osterley Park

Osterley Park
Osterley Park
The main staircase

Robert Adam's Etruscan room 

Read about Osterley Park here.

Coleridge Cottage

Inside Coleridge's Cottage

Mount Edgcumbe

In the gardens of Mount Edgcumbe

Read about Mount Edgcumbe here.

All photos and videos © Andrew Knowles

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