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Regency Talks

Rachel's talks about Regency life are popular with groups that meet in and around Dorset.

Her talk 'Weymouth in the time of Jane Austen' has been very popular. 

Rachel and Andrew are now broadening their range of talks. These can be given in person or online.

Each talk lasts around 45 minutes, after which the audience are encouraged to ask questions.

The fee for the talks is currently £60 plus travel. We would also like the opportunity to sell books after the talk.

If you'd like to book a talk or learn more about them, email

Talks available:

Weymouth in the time of Jane Austen

Take a tour around Weymouth in the early 1800s. The town has become a popular seaside resort, thanks to the regular visits by George III and the royal family.

Jane Austen refers to Weymouth in several of her novels. In this talk, Rachel and Andrew describe what visitors would have seen and could do while visited, while telling the story of how the royal visits began, and their tragic ending.

The Grand Tour

The landscape of Regency England was shaped by the Grand Tour, which began well a hundred years earlier. The tour took thousands of young men, and a some women, into Europe and down to the sites of classical history in Italy.

The tour was part holiday, part education, part escape and part social. It included encounters with rogues and radicals, dramatic journies through high mountains and into unfamiliar lands, and a chance to meet a diverse selection of curious characters.

This talk tells some of the exciting stories from Grand Tour experience, while showing how these exotic travels helped shape the Regency world. 

What Regency Women Did For Us

This talk, based on Rachel's book of the same title, highlights women whose achievements resonate into the 21st century. These women include fossilist Mary Anning, entrepreneur Marie Tussard, actress Sarah Siddons and traveller Mary Parminter.

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