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Fashion links

A list of useful fashion links compiled by Rachel Knowles:
Evening dress
from La Belle Assemblée
 (March 1812)

Women's fashion

On this blog:
Regency evening wear
Regency walking and riding dresses
Regency era fashion for Christmas 1806-20

From Classic to Romantic - Changes in the Regency Silhouette by Vic Sanborn

A great source of information about fashion and accessories is Candice Hern’s website

I hesitate to include Catherine Decker's website as quite a lot of the links do not work, but there are hundreds of links to fashion prints and articles here.

A Primer on Regency Era Women’s Fashion by Kristen Koster

Regency walking dress
from La Belle Assemblée
 (January 1811)
Fashions from La Belle Assemblée

Links to online copies of La Belle Assemblée and the fashion prints on my Facebook page:  La Belle Assemblée links

On this blog - my series of posts on spring fashions:
Pre-Regency evening wear and walking dress
Regency evening wear and walking dress
Post-Regency evening wear and walking dress

My series of posts from The Mirror of the Graces:
Regency evening dresses
Regency morning gowns
Regency promenade dresses


from La Belle Assemblée
(April 1812)
On this blog:
Hair powder and pomatum

Regency headdresses and hairstyles for the evening

Regency headdress by Linore Rose Burkard

The bandeau by Vic Sanborn

Half boots by Vic Sanborn

Shoes by Laura Boyle

On this blog: Georgian pockets and reticules


Corsets and drawers by Laura Boyle

Petticoats and chemises by Vic Sanborn

Underwear by Wanda Luce

Riding habit
from La Belle Assemblée
(March 1807)
Riding habits

Riding habits by Candice Hern 

Court dress

Court dress by Candice Hern 


Mourning dress by Lesley-Anne McLeod:
On the death of Princess Charlotte (1817)
On the death of George III (1820)

Regency mourning by Vic Sanborn


Wedding dress by Ann Lethbridge


Hairstyles and cosmetics by Kendra Van Cleave

On this blog: Olympian Dew

Men’s fashion

A Primer on Regency Era Men’s Fashion by Kristen Koster

Regency men's trousers by Donna Hatch 

The Art of the Cravat by Kristen Koster

The history of the top hat by Brenda Hibbs

Children's clothes

Regency children's clothing by Laura Boyle

Daywear and playwear by Laura Boyle

The skeleton suit by Vic Sanborn

Last updated 17 July 2017


  1. hi do you have any recommendations for finding stuff about regency fancy dress/ costumes? thank you

  2. If you want a costume for a one-off event, Google historical costumes for rent in your area/by mail order as this will be cheaper than buying your own. Buying your own is more expensive but is very satisfying. Not sure what part of the world you are from so suggest you Google historical costumers in your area.

  3. hi thanks for the info, i wasnt very clear in my comment i realise, I mean about fancy dress costumes IN the regency era? what sort of thing did they wear when they dressed up/ in theatre, thank you

    1. Oh, right. They dressed up in costumes for some parties eg the Prince Regent's fancy ball in 1819 where the ladies wore costumes representing different countries. It is not something I have researched in detail. As for the theatre, actors and actresses provided their own stage clothes - you can get the idea of the sort of thing they wore by looking at paintings of famous actors/actresses in role eg Mrs Siddons as Lady Macbeth.