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A Perfect Match by Rachel Knowles

New Kindle cover for A Perfect Match by Rachel Knowles
New Kindle cover for A Perfect Match
A Perfect Match (The Merry Romances Book 1)(2015)

by Rachel Knowles

London, 1788. Alicia Westlake makes her debut into fashionable society, launched by her ambitious, matchmaking mother who is set on her marrying into the nobility. But Alicia is more interested in character than connections and longs for a man of faith to love.

Despite being pursued by a viscount and the Duke of Wessex’s heir, Alicia finds herself drawn to the witty Mr Merry – a member of the bluestocking circle to which her father had belonged.

Christopher Merry is not a man of title or faith. The black sheep of the family, he is tortured by his past and drinks to forget. Alicia’s intelligence and humour soon win his heart, but he fears he is no good for her.

Can he overcome the darkness in his past to become the man Alicia needs to save her from her mother’s matchmaking schemes?

Set in London and Weymouth, this clean historical romance plays out against the backdrop of the late Georgian period.

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Book description from back of 2015 paperback edition

Mrs Westlake does not want her only daughter to marry well. She wants Alicia to make the brilliant match that will secure their places in fashionable society—the society that once shunned her. Determined to succeed, the ambitious widow is not above a little scheming in order to get what she wants.

But Alicia has other ambitions. She is more interested in character than connections. Having witnessed the misery that can arise from an unequal marriage, she is determined not to make the same mistake as her parents. She wants to marry someone whom she can both love and respect. She is not looking for a brilliant match—she is looking for a perfect match.

A Perfect Match is a story of romance and adventure set in late Georgian London and Weymouth, when Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, was queen of fashionable society.

The story of the Westlakes is told against a background rich in historical detail gleaned from years of research for this blog. Alicia and her mother interact with real historical characters, visit real historical places and experience real historical events. It is a traditional romance—so do not expect any hot and steamy scenes in the bedroom—but it is also the story of the deepest, most passionate love.

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